Long Overdue

Hello visitors! Welcome to Ravendark Creations!

Though very long overdue, our website is finally going to be regularly updated and maintained. (Our most sincere thanks to Brenda, who worked her magic and taught Lara the basics so patiently and kindly.) You can now count on it for the latest news, art projects, events, and more! In the next few days our galleries should look very different than they do now, so keep an eye out!

We also should be launching our newsletter! At this time we intend the first issue to be released on May 1st, and we will be posting most likely biannually until we become more busy with shows and such. If you’re just itching for more little updates, please follow our facebook page and our tumblr! Yes, we have a tumblr! There are rumblings in the distance of an instagram but let’s not get too carried away.



What’s in the works right now?

Spring means Art Prize preparations! Arend is up to his elbows in sculpting tree-like horns for his gorgeous satyr series. For those of you unfamiliar with Art Prize, here’s a link to the Grand Rapids Art Prize official website. It’s a great event and the perfect excuse to get out and support local artists. Arend’s first entry was in 2014, for which he sculpted the dragon we thought was huge until he did his most recent project for the Grand Rapids Comic Con 2015.

Arend and Art Prize 2014 entry, the Spike Backed River dragon…


And the true monster, the Shadowflash beastie Arend made for GR Comic Con 2015, which in the end weighed way too much (and by too much we mean a bit over 200lbs, with another 150lbs for the stalagmite she stands beside).


After taking a break for 2015 to move from our tiny apartment to our lovely house with giant studio space, he’s planning to be a part of the event this year and we are very excited.¬†One of the pieces in the series is already completed, and has been kitted, and can be purchased! We have it available as an unpainted kit, bronze, and a fully painted sculpture. Images should show up in the gallery soon, for now here’s the Etsy link for the painted sculpt. It is a limited edition piece, so move fast! Just a little preview…


It takes a while to shake these two introvert artists out of our winter hibernation, but we’re starting to get into gear! A definite factor in thawing us out is the fact that our studio is no longer dropping to 40F over night (lack of insulation leads to a chilly work area). ¬†Though Michigan is still stubbornly snowing away in early April, we remain optimistic that by May we can open up the windows and not loose feeling in our fingers and toes.

Lara on the other hand is still experimenting with colored pencils, keeping the paint water and the tea cup from getting confused, and how to draw while holding a cat.


We’re excited to finally have a grasp of how the website works and to be able to share all our goings on with our fans! Thank you as always for your support, and we will be in touch!

~Lara and Arend

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