Arend in Art Prize 2016 and Other News

Official announcement concerning Arend’s location in the 2016 Grand Rapids Art Prize event! His satyr series will be in the Vault of Midnight comic shop in the heart of downtown. If you’d like to view his entry on the official website for Art Prize, just click HERE!

Art Prize runs from Sept 21 – Oct 9, check out their website (link above) for further information about voting and other goings on for that time downtown. It’s always great fun!

arend art prize

We are still working on our show line up for the rest of the year, as soon as we have things locked down we will let you know. Arend and I are really good at last minute decisions! It’s looking very likely that we will be at a Pirate Festival in Grand Haven, MI come August, and possibly two other shows as well. We will keep you posted!

Arend has two new small bust kits available, both of which are awesome! You can message us on facebook, Etsy, or email us if you’re interested. Also, the dragon kits are about to be retired, so get them while they last! The two pictures below are linked to the Etsy listings, so just click them to go right there and buy them this very instant!

classic_1950_s_style_alien_minibust_by_ravendarkcreations-da4u68z ogre_troll_mini_bust_1_by_ravendarkcreations-da5kqcm

As for me (Lara, hi) I’ve been scribbling away a bit this summer and have a few new pieces at last. Two colored pencil drawings and another attempt at watercolor use, which ended with me rather pleased. New paper is making a difference, now I just need more practice. Gluing myself to my chair in the studio may be required. The jellyfish girl is available as a print in the Etsy shop!

jellyfish_girl_by_fawnmaiden-da4lcyk harpy_faerie_by_fawnmaiden-da5g6m2jack_in_the_pulpit_with_stamp_by_fawnmaiden-da3v7i1Please go and take a look at our galleries for more pictures of our recent projects, like the octopus Arend sculpted! Arend has at least two new sculptures (that I can think of) in the works which we should have W.I.P. photos of up soon (w.i.p. means work in progress).

Thanks to everyone who has signed up for our newsletter! I intend to write one every other month, so look for the second issue coming the first week of July. If you’d like to sign up you can do so bu clicking NEWSLETTER on our navigation bar at the top, it’s super easy!

We hope to see some of you at Art Prize!


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