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A few quick updates before we get to the subject; Lots of new work has been added to our galleries!

Also, in honor of 10 years with watercolors, Lara will be adding an article about dealing with watercolors to our TUTORIALS section this Friday, so be ready!

A new newsletter will be going out at the start of March. We apologize for our updates being few and far between, but there’s only so much room in an artists’ brain when there are mermaids fighting for attention with “orkids”.


Grand Rapids Comic Con 2016
We had a fabulous con this year! We are so pleased to be able to say we’ve been at the con since it’s first year, and it’s been so amazing to watch it grow and grow and GROW!

Arend took on an ambitious new project and explored the realm of prosthetic applications. We had the good fortune of meeting Gym Cosplay and Maia Rayn, who were willing to let us experiment with silicone prosthetics on them. For the con Arend created an original version of Killer Croc! The first run took about 5 or 6 hours to apply with both of us working on James, but we got it down to about 4 for the second and third tries. I’m still amazed by how patient he was through the whole process. Thank you Jim, we can’t wait to make you into more monsters in the future!

Jim as Killer Croc and Shanelle in her own costume as Enchantress.

These are two amazingly talented models, please check out their work!

They two stole the show and won first place in the Group Cosplay category at the con!

The same prosthetic pieces that went into Killer Croc could be applied in a different way to make a scaly dragon skin look, and Shanelle did a wonderful job showing off that look! You can get these in our Etsy shop!!! (Here’s a link to the listing!)

Arend is now focusing on learning mask making.

Thanks again to anyone who was able to come for making it another great year for us! We will definitely be there again this year! After 2017 we’re hoping to expand to a few other cons, and we will keep you posted!

I have a few other exciting announcements that will wait till the next update. If you’re eager for more updates more frequently, you can follow our facebook page, tumblr, or instagram.

Till next time!


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