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About Arend

I am a sculptor, and I love monsters. I always have! Scary ones, nice ones, cute ones that turn scary with lots of teeth, ugly ones that are misunderstood and only use their enormous teeth for chewing celery and carrots… I love them all. I especially love creatures that blend into natural settings and have an “I am at home in ancient forests and lonely mountain passes” feel to them. I’m a huge fan of Brian Froud and Paul Bonner and Lara because they capture that feel really well.

I’m Arend, and I love making monsters! 


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About Lara

My artistic career began when I figured out how to hold a crayon the right way and my parents, in a desperate attempt to get me out from under foot, would set me loose with a stack of scrap paper and a multitude of drawing implements. From that day on, I would never stop drawing.

I was raised on the Lord of the Rings, home cooked meals, and a lot of time spent in the dirt and up trees. At the age of 13, after several years of reading fantasy (Which I spent a period attempting to write myself, badly, and still do… badly.), I stumbled across several extraordinary artists and fell in love with watercolors. Beginning with copying these artists, I became determined that my future job would be Famous Artist, and nobody has been able to cure me of the dream since.

In 2014 I graduated college as an Art Major and Art History Minor. Despite dabbling in oils, ceramics, photography, and traditional academic subject matter, fantasy scenes in watercolor or colored pencil remain my passion. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Arend, and together we are trying to become almost as cool as Brian and Wendy Froud (who are among our many heroes).

I hope that we can provide something beautiful and unique that sparks the imagination, and perhaps you find that the dreams I put on paper flutter through your own, and maybe make you smile.



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